It’s Been a Long While

I know it has been a long while since I have written for this blog, and I wanted to apologize to my followers and readers. You would think with the pandemic, I would have more time to write as our lives and routines were upended, and whether by choice or not, I would have the opportunity to pen a few articles.

However, my last semester at North Dakota State University was spent online after spring break, either stuck at my computer on a zoom class or writing as it seemed my professors piled on the homework. 

During that time, I was worried if I would find a position in my field or be forced to find something to pay the rent regardless. Staying in Fargo was looking like less of an option, and I started expanding my job-search territory to just about anywhere. In some respect, myself and my family were hoping to find something in California as this was my home state. After reading a post in a Facebook group from someone who was having difficulty finding work in the state, I realized it was futile. 

I posted my resume on the usual job sites and signed up for alerts for agriculture communications jobs. I received alerts for positions either I wasn’t qualified for (on a side note, “entry” level is not what it used to be as you have to have experience, but how will you get experience without a job) or didn’t involve communications but sales. I’ve been in sales most of my working life, selling everything from men’s suits, financial products, to wine. 

I received an email from the career center sent to all students in the communication department and thought about applying for a while. The position was looking for a writer and wanted experience, so I sent writing samples from this blog and articles I wrote from interning at American Ag Network. I did not expect much but wanted the experience interviewing for jobs. 

Little did I know, the publisher would call me back a couple of days later and offer to fly me to Denver to interview in-person. Fast-forward, and I am living in the Denver metro area writing for a living and my “beat” is law and environmental issues. 

Calling my blog “From L.A. to the Farm” seems silly and hypocritical as I don’t live on a farm or even a rural area. However, I want to continue writing about issues that interest urbanites wishing to learn about agriculture.

However, it will be more about animal agriculture and their role in the environment, but I will continue to focus on the industry as a whole. 

For instance, I wrote about the Senate Democrats’ Special Committee acknowledging that the industry can solve the climate crisis. The report titled, “The Case for Climate Action: Building a Clean Energy Economic for the American People,” outlines a congressional action plan to tackle climate change through 15 policy proposals that include agriculture programs. 

Additionally, there are programs where ranchers in Nevada can participate in a sort of “cap and trade” program where they can be paid for conservation the sage-grouse population in the state.  

These are just a couple of examples debunking the myth that agriculture destroys the environment and the land and issues I will write about. I will bring the whole story of the issues beyond what you read or hear on the radio, which fits their audience’s narrative. Now that I am settled in my new job and new city, I will begin this creation again as I told myself I would do so after graduating. 

Thank you for reading and your continued support!